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Military & Politics - Anything about the military, politics, war, peace, the marines, the navy, the air force or space exploration (NASA). Sup

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Military & Politics

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Anything about the military, politics, war, peace, the marines, the navy, the air force or space exploration (NASA). Support your local soldiers. Enlist in the army reserve!

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   Asian Giants get Little Attention Preview Go
We seem more obsessed than ever with the Middle East, Islamic fundamentalism, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. With the exception of business stories and periodic special reports about the "rise of China" and more recently "the rise of India," the transformation of the Far East and South Asia remains only on the fringes of the consciousness of many people.
   Pyroterrorism and Jerry Springer Preview Go
This page is a double feature. On one side is the new face of terrorism: Pyroterrorism, an increasingly likely source of death and destruction for the United States. And on the other side is the sexist, racist and economic classism within the United States that can be seen on television, everything from CNN to Jerry Springer.
   Harper shakes hands with Terrorist Warlord Preview Go
Photos of Stephen Harper (Canada's Prime Minister) shaking hands with terrorist warlord Mullah Naqib in Afghanistan during a state visit. The warlord and his men were behind a suicide blast that injured three Canadian soldiers and killed Canadian diplomat Glyn Berry, the 59-year-old political director of the local reconstruction team.

   Bioterrorism & the Future Preview Go
Bioterrorism is a scary (doomsday like) thought to many Americans but its a reality we now face.
   300 Million Americans... and more on the way! Preview Go
On Tuesday October 17th 2006, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's population clock, the number of people in America will hit 300 million, up from 200 million in 1967. By as early as 2043, the bureau says, there will be 400 million Americans.
   The Politics eZine Preview Go
Articles about Business, Economics, Politics, Terrorism & War. Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Business, Economics, Global Warming & Climate Change.
   NAFTA II Preview Go
Expanding the North American Free Trade Agreement to make it more Fair.
   More Bloodshed in Palestine Preview Go
The Islamic group Hamas's military wing in Gaza urged Muslims worldwide to attack U.S. targets. Meanwhile innocent civilians are being killed in the Israeli-Palestinian blood-feud.
   Barbaric Punishment Preview Go
Capital Punishment, the Death Penalty and American Executions... when will the barbarity ever stop?
   North Korea's Nuclear Test Preview Go
October 9th, 2006: North Korea conducts underground nuclear test in Hamkyung province.

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