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Hello user !

We'd like to hear from YOU! Tell us how we can assist you in reaching your potential on the web. Post your ideas in the WebRing Discussion Forum (or use the appropriate support forum if you have a problem you need help with).

A Good Article

We've been saying so for years, now hear from an unsolicited expert how WebRing can help build your site's reputation on the web:
SEO Value of WebRing
We encourage you to give it a read. Have some thoughts of your own for other members? Let's hear about them!
WebRing Announces...

Discuss this Site/Ring

We have quietly added a new feature to the system navbar, and now we're ready to share it with everyone. We've added an easy to use widget allowing users to post comments about the site or the ring, post to the ring's forum, even email comments to friends; all this from any site in the ring - without needing to leave the site! See it here:
Wine WebRing
in the sample navbar at the botttom of the page. Then visit a few sites in the ring to see it in action.

If your ring(s) don't have this feature yet, ask your manager to add it.
Have some thoughts about it? Let's hear them!

Buy, Sell, Trade!

We have extended the WebRing Auctions to allow users to auction rings. In the future we'll consider allowing other resources to be auctioned as well. For now, though, if you have a ring you would like to buy, sell or trade then just do it! Auction settings can be found in the Global Settings scree in Ring Management.

Last but by no means least:
Points For People

Put your activity points to a good use and help others in need, and it doesn't have to cost you anything!

To date, members have contributed nearly $300 in activity points which WebRing has passed along, with some matching contribtuions of our own.

Stay tuned....

We have a few more features coming soon we're sure you'll find fun and useful!

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