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Happy New Year !
Welcome to the special year-in-review edition. Many changes happened at WebRing this year, including the launch of Publisher. Check out these pages created using Publisher within the last month:

Visit WebRing Member rwenzoski's Webspace   Visit WebRing Member jensericbush's Webspace   Visit WebRing Member thegorgeousgirlsgang's Webspace   Visit WebRing Member hydnas's Webspace   Visit WebRing Member warvox's Webspace  

WebRing Publisher iconDid You Know?
We now offer easy-to-create webpages! They are completely free with your account. We even add the NavBar for you and register your URL, making it simple for you to submit your new page to a WebRing Community. Just click the publisher icon wherever you see it to get started.
WebRing Announces...
Gain Greater Traffic with a Short URL
More than a few of you have either created, uploaded, or transferred webpages to your free Webspace. Why not beef up the SEO power of your webpages?

Major search engines prefer short URLs the shorter, the better. That's why we're now offering short URLs for those of you with webpages hosted here on WebRing.

For a small one-time fee (free for premium members), we'll turn a WebRing URL like this...

into this...

Learn more about how you can get your own short URL here.

Ring Building Tips
Site Search & Community Showcase
We're excited to announce two new promotional opportunities for Premium members - Site Search in directory results and Community Showcase Featuring.

Site Search Results
Are you a Premium member who strives for maximum exposure of your site and/or rings? Of course you are, that's why we have added a new, exclusive features to your account.

Now when people use the WebRing search box, they will not only receive a list of matching rings, but of matching member sites as well.

What do you need to take advantage of this promotional opportunity? Only one thing: review your site titles and descriptions to be as accurate and descriptive as possible.

Community Showcase
When we gave the entire site a facelift, we made major changes to the look of the homepage. Included on the page is the Community Showcase, which lists five featured rings. The rings we tested out on that page witnessed one of the greatest boosts in traffic a ring could hope to gain on WebRing.

Now it's your turn to take advantage of this awesome traffic boost. As a Premium member who manages a ring, you can bid to have your site featured in the Community Showcase.

Before you choose to bid, though, you will need to make sure your ring meets the following criteria:

  • suitable for all audiences
  • contains quality sites
  • uploaded a ring logo
As long as you meet criteria, you're all cleared to start bidding. To place bids, visit the "Ring Promotion" section of any of your rings' management menus. Bids are evaluated daily, with the top five bids qualifying for placement. All accounts are charged the amount of the fifth highest monthly bid, prorated daily.

Premium Membership has its perks!
Do you want to take advantage of these and many other perks? Upgrade to the Premium membership level today!

Ring Building Tips
The Year in Review
In one year, we made greater strides than in all years combined.

We launched the Super-Helpers program to empower those with the knowledge to share it with others.

We launched the FAQ Submission page, enabling members to ask and answer questions that will be made available to all. By month's end we release the user-generated FAQ.

We enhanced your WebRing alerts by adding them to your Shoutbox and giving you full control over your alerts! We also enable Premium members to add a small image to serve as an icon for their site wherever it's listed.

Premium Ring Managers can now create contests that are sponsored by one or more of their rings. We started our own contest that is still running and everyone is invited to participate — Why Did You Join WebRing?

This was a big month for us here at WebRing, as we launch the following:

  • Webspace and Personal Storage, enabling members to share and even edit files with other members and to upload webpages - just in time for GeoCities closure announcement.
  • Personal invitation landing pages, helping you have a greater success rate in your invite efforts.
  • Vertical NavBar that fits perfectly in sidebars, answering the cries of so-many bloggers.

We offered to transfer members' GeoCities sites to their Webspaces on WebRing for absolutely no charge. Also in June, we offered the creative members of WebRing a chance to create seasonal logos to appear in the WebRing masthead.

Our offer to transfer soon-to-be extinct GeoCities sites keeps our staff extra-busy. We put together a Webspace directory and watched it grow daily. We also put out the call for widgets and apps that can be used on Webspace pages.

We created a new custom GeoCities landing page, so members could successfully invite and thereby save scores of their friends' sites.

We unveiled the all-new look for WebRing. With its contemporary and cleaner look, site traffic starts to make an upturn.

We added an Account Setup list to your My Account page to help you identify things you can do to maximize your account. Also, we made the main toolbar on the My Account page collapsible and made it possible for you to re-order the view of that page.

We implemented a new system of floating help that opens over your page when you need guidance. We also add the ability to add a title, description and rating for your Webspace

We introduced the easy-to-use, template-based webpage creator - Publisher - which also automatically registers your URL and adds a NavBar to the page. We segment each section of your Webspace and Personal Storage onto its own page and add a menu to help you navigate quickly and easily between each section.

To finish off 2009, we quietly launched Say It! From this one bubble you can post something to your WebRing profile, the Shoutbox, or the general WebRing forum. You can also email people from Say It! We'll be broadening the range of where you can post in the coming year.

For details on any of these additions, visit the What's New page and find the associated newsletter.

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