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Seasons Greetings !
While many of us are tucked in against winter's nip, we often forget that our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are in the middle of summer. Here are some rings dedicated to the sunny folks of Australia and New Zealand:

Visit the Australian Nature Ring   Visit the Australian Ring   Visit the Gardening Australia WebRing Community   Visit the Australia & New Zealand Middle East Dance WebRing Community   Visit the New Zealand Scooter WebRing Community  

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WebRing Announces...
WebRing Publisher
Publisher is your way to quickly and easily create web pages for free! The template-based editor makes it possible to create and publish a new page in less than five minutes.

Creating a new Webpage with Publisher is easy as 1-2-3

How Does Publisher Work?
We will first ask you to title and describe your site. Then, you will get to choose the template you like best. Once you've decided, the Rich Text Editor will open your page so that you can add whatever content you like.

Along with helping you to easily create a webpage, Publisher will also take care of the following business for you:

  • Automatically install the WebRing NavBar on your webpage.
  • Register your new webpage to your My Account page.
  • Complete the application process if you created a page while joining a ring.

Who Can Use Publisher?
Anyone with a WebRing account! All current members can visit their My Account page to find the Publisher icon on their tabs that looks like this:

Of particular interest to Ring Managers, we have also incorporated Publisher into the ring join process. This will enable new members of your ring to quickly and easily add highly focused content to the ring. See "Ring Building Tips" below for more details.

Publisher works well for those who have little to no experience creating webpages. You only need let your creativity be your guide!

Ring Building Tips
Follow Up on New Sign Ups
Over the next few months, RMs should notice that more new applicants will submit URLs than ever before. As an RM, you may notice that many of the pages that new members submit will not have content on them.

If the URL begins with "" and ends with with ".shtml," please be patient and proactive.

How Long Should RMs Wait for Content?
Hopefully, the new member will add content right away. If not, you should give them about 3 days. Then you should contact them to ask how things are progressing and possibly offer a hand. We will also send them an email reminder.

If the page remains in your pending queue for more than two weeks, you can likely delete the page from your ring.

What Should RMs Do about Pages without Content?
Approve the page right away, then suspend it. Once the member adds enough content to satisfy your ring's standards, you can activate it. Of course, you'll want to be proactive and contact the member about what they'll need to do to remain in the ring.

What Happens with Publisher Pages that Never Get Content?
We automatically delete the webpage and purge all references to the page. Should the member feel motivated to add content, they can always create another page later.

Tech Tips
Set Your Cloud Alerts
Tired of getting alert emails, even if you visit WebRing frequently? Wish you were alerted more quickly?

You'll be glad to know that you can now set the frequency of alerts from anywhere between 1 to 48 hours after you've been gone.

To set your cloud alerts, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the "Webspace & Storage" tab on your My Account page.
  2. Click on the "Profile and Alert Settings" menu item on your Personal Shoutbox
  3. Scroll down and find "How long should we wait?"
  4. Use the dropdown menu to choose how often you would like to receive cloud alerts.
  5. Click the "Save Settings" button.
Now, you should only receive cloud alerts as often as you choose!

We Simplified Your Personal Shoutbox
With a few turns of the dials, we made your Personal Shoutbox easier to navigate. No more need to scroll forever.

Now, you can use a menu to rapidly switch between sections.

WebRing Contest
Design a Publisher Template
In recognition of the untapped potential of member creativity, we thought it would be a great idea to offer up a challenge.

In mid-December, we will officially announce the launch of the Publisher Template Design contest.

In the meantime, we will put a bid system in place that will include everything from detailed specs to a starting price for each accepted template.

We are also enabling a micropayment system that will reward you AP for each time your template is used by another member.

So start thinking up template designs in preparation for this incredible contest. You stand to not only earn massive AP, but notoriety as well.

WebRing Prize RedemptionComing early 2010, you may have a won a prize!
Check your newsletter next month for your prize redemption code. Enter it in your My Account area and you could win activity points, a free premium upgrade, and more! The bigger prizes will be offered on a first come first serve basis, so the sooner you check in the better!
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