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Hello !
GeoCities is set to close in just a few short weeks on October 26.
Thanks to the newly launched Webspace, these sites will live on:

Visit member gjcmcclurg's Webspace   Visit member ga_mommy's Webspace   Visit member galdorf1's Webspace   Visit member onthecheese's Webspace  
With a simple request, we can also transfer your GeoCities sites for free! Read on for more details.
WebRing and Geocities Have a History
It was 15 years ago that Ashland, Oregon, high school student Sage Weil created the piece of script that could link different sites into one ring, into one Web Ring.

Not long after sharing the technology, Sage formed WebRing and witnessed a meteoric rise in popularity. So popular, in fact, that WebRing soon came to be owned by GeoCities.

WebRing GeoCities Timeline
It's been a long and winding road, but thousands of GeoCities sites are living on thanks to their new homes on their free WebRing Webspace.

Save Your Communities
If you were using GeoCities way back when, you probably remember how they had different neighborhoods. Most likely, this sense of community is what attracted you to join WebRing when it was offered by GeoCities. Now more than ever, these communities need you.

In one way or another, there's probably something you can do to help save thousands more GeoCities sites.

GeoCities Site Owners
If you still haven't taken advantage of our offer to transfer your GeoCities site, then you need to see our message at the top of your My Account page to get started with your free transfer.

  Ring Managers
Visit every site in your ring(s). If you find any GeoCities sites, contact the member and point them to their My Account page for our transfer message.

GeoCities Site Linkers
Many of us have at least one or more outgoing links to GeoCities sites. Sure, you could pull those links from your site. Or, you could search the owner's site for an email address to let them know about the free Webspace awaiting them here on WebRing.

  The Overly Ambitious
We can help move your friend's, family's and colleagues' sites too. Please invite away. If you really want to go over the top, go through their outgoing links and encourage them to pass the word on to all the GeoCities sites you see linked to in their site.

You even have a personal invitation page. Just send your invitees here:

  • You can learn more about effective ways to send personal invitations here.

    Coming Soon to WebRing
    A Great New Look
    In a few short days, you will log in to discover an exciting new look to the site. This is only the first phase of our drive to develop the site in ways that help you enjoy your time on WebRing even more.

    Super Collaboration Tools
    Also in just a few short days, we will introduce you to our collaborative partners. At the same time, we will unveil a powerful new set of collaborative tools that will take your online communications to the next level.

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