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Our recently launched Webspace has taken off like wildfire. Check out these featured Webspace sites:

Visit member kangaroos's Webspace   Visit member bucketfoot_al's Webspace   Visit member kantorilode's Webspace   Visit member k1_vdw_gsds's Webspace  
WebRing Announces...
Don't Lose Your Friends
After transferring over 6000 GeoCities sites for members, we've noticed that many of you are about to lose something even more precious than your now-saved site - your friends and colleagues.

Before SEO turned links into search engine bait and subsequently squelched their power, people linked to others sites only when they found the sites relevant. In the process, they made some new online friends and colleagues.

Great care went into choosing who to link to, and almost always, only after befriending the other site owner. Does your transferred GeoCities site contain these types of links? You might want to check.

Introducing Your Custom GeoCities Invite Page
At the start of this summer, we launched the personal invitation page. This month, we are pleased to offer you a new invitation landing page designed especially for your friends and colleagues who have a GeoCities site but who don't yet belong to WebRing.

Here's how it works...

  1. Check the links on your new sites for other GeoCities sites.
  2. Customize your invite page welcome message via the "Profile Settings" tab on your My Account page.
  3. Contact those people with GeoCities links and point them to your GeoCities invite page. Here's your custom URL:;gcjoin
If nothing else, you will have purged your site of dead links, which will enhance your site's value immensely.

As a bonus, you will earn affiliate credits for each new member who signs up via your invite page! To learn more about how the affiliate program works, click here.

The WebRing Invitation Drive
Welcome to the first installment of the Premium Member Spotlight, where we feature one WebRing 2.0 member who helps make WebRing great.

This month, we bring you bubbajames. We'll call him by his real-world nickname "Bubba," because it captures his fun and caring spirit. Bubba is best known on WebRing, across the entire web actually, for "encouraging people to quit smoking."

Through his blog posts and Shoutbox activity, Bubba has expressed an enthusiasm for WebRing that is infectious. He continually and successfully invites new members, provides tons of insightful feedback, and manages his rings with a dedication rarely rivaled by other Ring Managers.

Aside from these stellar actions, Bubba faithfully honors the WebRing Managers who tend to the day-to-day operations of WebRing. In fact, he recently started a new ring that caught our attention.

Ring Manager Biographies "contains online biographies of Ring Managers for the benefit of other Ring Managers, Ring Members and Visitors."

We encourage all Ring Managers to help Bubba build this ring to its fullest potential. Need a place to create a Ring Manager Biography page? Use your free Webspace!

WebRing Tech Tip
Gain Better Search Results
Whether you've recently transferred a site to your Webspace or have a site elsewhere, one of the best ways to raise your search rankings is to clean your links.

Although outgoing links lost some of their power a couple years back, they still factor into how search engines list your site.

When was the last time you visited the links on your site? You'd be amazed at how many either no longer exist or have changed to something completely different.

We encourage each and every one of you to spend some time checking the links on your site(s) for accuracy. And remember to check for GeoCities URLs while you're at it, as they'll soon be gone.

In the process of cleaning your links, you will not only help boost your site's ranking but also the ranking of your ring memberships. It's win-win all around.

WebRing Contest
Logos, Widgets & Nominations
We still have plenty of contests taking place here on WebRing. Here are the three most recent:

Design a Seasonal WebRing Logo
Jazz up the WebRing logo for a particular observance or season. Learn more here.

There's an App for That!
We challenge you to submit your favorite widgets to the newly created ring – "Public Domain Apps." Learn more here.

Best of Webspace
Explore the new Webspace member directory and send us the URL of the "best" Webspace has to offer.

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