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Hello !
Welcome to the special Webspace edition of the WebRing Newsletter. Check out these sites that were recently transferred to Webspace:

Visit member antara_kyra's Webspace   Visit member acdc_italy's Webspace      Visit member iancohen's Webspace   Visit member amit_padwal's Webspace  
WebRing Announces...
The Great Webspace Migration
The staff here at WebRing has been extra busy this past month. Since notifying members that GeoCities plans to close soon, we have helped transfer over 3000 sites for members' to their free Webspace here on WebRing.

Webspace is a simple, ad-free hosting solution, where you can post nearly any file and web page.

To be more precise, Webspace is only one of many folders found in your Personal Storage. If you want to publish something to the Web, put the files in the "Webspace" folder. The various other folders give you complete control over who, if anyone, can view your other uploaded files.

Basic Members (WebRing 1.0) receive a generous 50 MB of Personal Storage, and Premium Members (WebRing 2.0) get a full 1 GB!

In addition to GeoCities site owners, more than a few members have opted to transfer their Angelfire and Tripod over to their Webspace. Why? No advertising and faster page loads on Webspace.

Do you have a site you would like transferred to your Webspace? For details, email your WebRing ID and the homepage URL of the site you want transferred to

The WebRing Invitation Drive
"There's an App for that!"
Whatever your online need, be it for work or fun, there's probably an app (widget) to meet that need.

Calling All Widget Fanatics!
We challenge you to submit your favorite widgets to the newly created ring - "Public Domain Apps." To participate, create a single web page that includes the following:

  • the installed widget
  • a brief explanation of the widget's purpose
  • a mini-tutorial that explains how to install the widget
  • a link for where to find the code for the widget
After you've put together your page, you can submit it here.

Need a page for your submission? Use your free Webspace!

Calling All Widget Programmers
Got something more complex in mind? You can develop more advanced (perl, javascript) scripts and earn AP when other members adopt them.

Before you start programming, we encourage you to send us an email explaining the widget you have in mind. If we like your idea, we'll let you know right away.

Should your widget make it past the vetting stage, we'll award you an unspecified amount of Activity Points (AP) up front. Once your widget is added to the Rewards Room, you'll continue to earn a percentage of the AP for each "purchase" of the widget.

Here are some of the widgets members currently want:

  • clocks
  • counters
  • guestbooks (earning you the highest amount of possible AP)
Are you ready to accept this challenge? To pitch your idea (or send us your submission), contact us at

WebRing Tech Tip
Your Personal Shoutbox Is a Virtual Office
Did you know you can add your Personal Shoutbox to your site?

That's right! In just a few clicks, you can copy the code, paste it into your site's code, and you're all set.

On the most basic level, your Personal Shoutbox will give your site's visitors a way to chat with you. Once added to your site, your Personal Shoutbox will also allow you to quickly...

  • access your WebRing account/alert settings
  • upload files to your Personal Storage
  • edit your Webspace
  • adjust your "About Me" and "Interests" profile fields
  • collaborate on projects with friends and colleagues
Best of all, you can do all of these tasks from your own site! To get your Personal Shoutbox code, click here.
WebRing Contest
Best of Webspace
What Webspaces would you feature? We want to know, and we have lots of AP for those who suggest the best Webspace has to offer.

Here's how it works:

  1. Visit the new Webspace directory.
  2. Explore the 1000's of recently transferred or newly created sites.
  3. Email us the URL of your suggested Webspace at
That's all there is to it! If we choose to feature the Webspace you suggest, we'll add a bunch of AP to your account. Ready to explore Webspaces?
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