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June is The Great Outdoors Month. Get your daily dose of fresh air on these WebRing Communities:

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WebRing Announces...
Free Site Transfers
Do you have a soon-to-be extinct GeoCities site? Perhaps, you have your site hosted on the ad-heavy, slow-loading Angelfire, Tripod or FortuneCity servers. Consider moving your site over to your free WebRing Webspace. Better yet, let us move your site for you.

The Let-Us-Do-It Option
The easiest way to transfer your site over to your free Webspace is to send us a request to move it for you. We have already transferred hundreds of GeoCities sites, as well a handful of Angelfire and Tripod sites. All sites have been transferred with at least a 99 percent rate of accuracy.

To have us move your site over to your free Webspace, you'll need to send us a request. Email and include your WebRing ID and the URL of your site's homepage.

The Do-It-Yourself Option
Of course, you have the power to move your site to your free Webspace all on your own. To do so, you need to first download of all your sites content to your computer. After you've done so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your WebRing account, open your My Account page (if not already open), and scroll down to locate the "Webspace & Storage" tab.
  2. Click the "Webspace & Storage" tab to open your shoutbox storage page.
  3. Locate the "Switch to:" dropdown menu in the "Personal Storage and Webspace" section, select "Webspace" from the list of available folders in the dropdown menu, then click the "Go" button.
  4. Click the folder icon Look for the 'folder' icon. found next to the "Switch to:" dropdown menu. This opens your Content Management Screen.
  5. Click "Upload" found in the top right of the CMS screen.
You will then be able to upload several of your files at once. Don't forget to change your internal links to point to your site's new location on your Webspace. (See "Tech Tip" below for help on editing pages.)

The WebRing Invitation Drive
Ready for Round 2 of the WebRing Invitation Drive?
This time around, we're adding an extra challenge. For each new member you successully invite who also transfers their GeoCities site over to a free Webspace, you will earn double the Points!

Why invite people with GeoCities sites? Yahoo! recently announced that they will close their free GeoCities service forever sometime this year. This will mean the end of a great many sites. With our new site transfer service, any new member can instantly and easily save their site.

Although not in danger of disappearing from the web, Angelfire, Tripod, and FortuneCity site transfers also earn double points. Of course, general invitations will earn you AP and increase your chance to win the progressive jackpot, too.

For complete details, click here.

Member glimpsesofgod won Round 1 of the WebRing Invitation Drive. For winning the first round, glimpsesofgod won 400 AP.

What are you waiting for? Start inviting new WebRing members right away for your chance to win Round 2!

WebRing Tech Tip
How to Edit Your Webspace Pages
Did you request to have us transfer your site to your free Webspace? Perhaps, you figured out how to upload your web content but don't know how to edit your pages. We've put together a tutorial that should help cut through the confusion.

To summarize, the tutorial covers the two main ways to edit your content:

  • The Download/Upload Option – Download your pages to your computer, edit the pages using a web site editing program of your choice, then upload the page back to your Webspace folder.
  • The CMS Option – Directly edit your site using the Content Management System. Until we install a Rich Text Editor (RTE), this option is best for those comfortable working with raw code.

We are currently working on adding a RTE to the CMS. Once installed, the RTE will allow you to easily edit your site's content and layout.

For complete instructions, visit the tutorial here.

We can tune up your site for you.
Whether fixing mislinks to your own pages, correcting missing images, or deleting snippets of code leftover from your previous web host, we can tune up your Webspace pages. To learn more, click here.

WebRing Contest
Have you noticed that we have started to add a little flair to the WebRing logo?

Each touch we add is done in celebration of a season, holiday, or sporting event. We bet you have an idea for a great seasonal logo, too! Show us what you've got.

You may submit up to 3 entries. The dressed-up logo should be sized at exactly 215px wide x 89px high. Accepted file formats include .png, .gif, .jpg and should not exceed 10kb.

This is an ongoing contest. If we choose to use your image, you will receive a hefty sum of Activity Points. Interested? To submit your entry, click here.

Are you a free member who wants to start your own ring contest? Upgrade to the premium membership today!

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