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"April showers bring May flowers," or so the rhyme goes. For some watery goodness, check out these WebRing Communities:

Visit the Water Garden WebRing Community   Visit the WaterWeb Ring   Visit the Waterfalls WebRing   Visit the Watershed WebRing   Visit the Groundwater WebRing Community  
WebRing Announces...
The WebRing Spring Ahead Special
Are you ready to make the most out of your WebRing membership? There's never been a better time to upgrade to the WebRing 2.0 membership.

When we reassessed our plan to raise premium membership rates this summer, we knew we had to reverse course. Let's face facts; the economy's a wreck and you could use a break. That's why for the entire month of April, you can get the premium membership level at the extra-low price of $24 per year.

Aside from all the benefits our current premium members have come to love, here are a few of the latest perks we've recently added:

  • URL-specific images that make your site's listing in a ring POP!
  • Advanced control over what alerts you receive and when
  • Public/Private/Shared file sharing
  • Ability to create your very own contests!
Perhaps the greatest benefit is that premium members receive top site placement in their ring memberships.

As an added incentive, we will set you up with a pre-existing adoptable ring from Auction Central free of charge. Once you acquire your new ring, your personal representative will help guide you in setting up your new ring in way that maximizes its potential.

Want to learn more about all the perks you will receive with your premium membership — all for a mere $2 a month? Click here.

WebRing Tech Tip
NavBar Help Page Updated
For those of you seeking more information regarding all things related to NavBars, we've just updated the related help page. The following topics are covered in detail:
  • How do I install the SSNB code, or "WebRing code" as it's sometimes called?
  • SSNB PASSes, but the wrong NavBar(s), NO NavBar, or the default NavBar shows
  • SSNB PASSes, but does not "look right"
  • SSNB PASSes, but stack displays only one NavBar
In particular, we would like members who choose to change their U# to check out "SSNB PASSes, but stack displays only one NavBar." This set of instructions explains what all members should do if they choose to change the U# of their URL's NavBar, which is a rising trend as of late.

To read the updated NavBar related help page, click here.

Are the instructions too technical?
Consider using our newly launched FAQ Submission page, where the members of WebRing generate the all-new WebRing FAQ page. To submit a question and/or provide an answer, click here.

Contribute your own Tech Tip in the Great Tech Tip Drive and earn lots of Activity Points.
WebRing 2.0 Corner
Create Your Own Ring Contests!
We've added an amazing new feature to WebRing Communities — Ring Contests!

Thanks to testing and feedback from a few dedicated premium members, the ring contest function is ready to roll.

How to Create a Ring Contest
Creating a ring contest is simple:

  1. Open a ring that you want to create a contest from and find the "Contest(s)" link in your management menu.
  2. Click the "Contest(s)" link to open your contest creation page.
  3. Set your contest parameters (like who can submit entries, when the contest starts and ends, and who can judge entries.)

Ring Contests in Progress
Here are a few of the contests premium memberships have already created:

Want to create your own contest? Upgrade your membership by taking advantage of the Spring Ahead Special today!

WebRing Contest
With premium members creating and running their own contests, we thought we should do the same...

Why Did You Join WebRing?
Whether you've been here since 1996 or you just created an account, you had some reason for joining WebRing.

In 200 words or less, tell us what motivated you to join and what keeps you coming back.

If your entry is selected for use on our testimonials page, you will receive one year of premium membership for FREE!

To submit your entry, click here.

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