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Salutations !
What's in a name? Everything! March 1-7 is Celebrate Your Name Week. Here are some WebRing Communities that celebrate some of the most common names in the Western world:

Visit the Stephane Ring   Visit the People Named Jack WebRing   Visit A Ring of Elizabeths   Visit the DAN WebRing   Visit the Sarah Webring  
WebRing Announces...
WebRing FAQ Submission Page
Shoutbox Alerts
Did you sign in to WebRing and suddenly think someone was shooting a laser at you? Don't worry; you didn't pick up some nasty malware or a virus. That's just the sound of an Alert in your Shoutbox.

To help you more easily identify when you have a pending task, like a new ring submission, we've added this nifty little feature to the Shoutbox.

Here's How It Works
It's very simple, really. If we haven't sent out your standard notification yet, you will notice the Alert anytime you access a page with your Shoutbox.

  1. Take note of the Alert if you have one. (For this example, "New submission to: Anything and Everything about Jazz")
  2. Click the My Account link found at the top of every WebRing page, and you should be taken to the task you need to address. If you're already on the My Account page, scroll down; most likely, you're already on the right page.
  3. Click the View Details button to "tell" the Shoutbox that you've seen the Alert, and it will disappear the next time the Shoutbox refreshes.
If you haven't logged in since we last sent you an email or WR Message notification, you will not see any Shoutbox Alert.

Premium members have greater control over which alerts they receive and how often. Upgrade to WebRing 2.0 today!

WebRing Tech Tip
Maximize Your Site Description
This month, we made some changes to the site listing of ring hub pages.
  • Reduced number of sites listed on each page
  • Displays full site descriptions
  • Increased the accepted size of site descriptions
  • Added ability to upload a URL-specific image (Premium members only - see "WebRing 2.0 Corner" below).

What's that mean for you? You can help increase your site's visibility within the ring while helping the ring attract more search engine traffic. Remember that search engines love content. To edit your site descriptions, simply go to the "Memberships" tab of your My Account page, then click on the Site Title that you wish to work with.

Members with more than one membership per URL can edit the URL description instead. Go to the "URLs" tab of your My Account page, then click the "edit settings" link for the URL you wish to work with. This will change your sites description in all the rings that URL belongs to.

Guidelines for Enhancing Your Description
To effectively enhance the power of your site description, your description should answer these questions:

  • What does your site offer?
  • What is your topic about?
  • Why should someone visit your site?
What are waiting for? Go enhance your site descriptions today!
Contribute your own Tech Tip in the Great Tech Tip Drive and earn lots of Activity Points.
WebRing 2.0 Corner
Alert Settings & URL Images
Welcome to the latest addition to the WebRing Newsletter! Each month, we will use this space to share some of the latest features we've made available to our premium members.

Full control of Alert Settings
You have full control of what alerts you will receive, how you will receive them and when.

To adjust your alert settings, click the settings link on your Shoutbox. On the page that opens, click the "edit your PROFILE & ALERTS settings" link. For a fully detailed tutorial, visit this page.

Add a URL Image
As a premium member, you already have the option to display an icon next to your site listings. The URL image is one more way to make your site really pop, and differentiate each of your registered URLs.

Uploading an image is exceedingly simple. Just go to the "URLs" tab of your My Account page and click on the "upload image" link below your chosen URL to get started. For more details, read the related blog post here.

These are just two of the perks our premium members receive. Want 2.0?

WebRing Contest
What Is a WebRing?
We received quite a few interesting entries to last month's challenge. We have decided to extend the contest to allow even more members to participate.

Here are those challenges again...

Challenge #1 — Define WebRing
In approximately 50 words, tell us what a WebRing Community is.

Challenge #2 — Visualize WebRing
As the old saying goes; "A picture's worth 1000 words." Create something graphic that shows how a WebRing Community works.

The prizes for winning are notoriety and a lifetime premium membership. For complete details, click here.

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