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Citizen Journalism is experiencing a meteoric rise of popularity. Check out these rings for news and articles posted by the many writers and reporters on WebRing:

News Junkies - Some People Just Can't Get Enough The Liberal Media News & Media News and Media Ring: Pen is mightier than bullet On-line Zines

WebRing Announces...
The WebRing Super-user
Over the past few months, a handful of members have been upgraded to our highest level of membership — Super-user!

Imagine surfing a WebRing Community and finding only quality content. Imagine receiving accurate answers to your support questions within moments via the Support Ticket system, WebRing IM or our text message system (coming soon). Super-users help make this vision possible.

What is a Super-user?
The WebRing Super-userSuper-users are members who have proven that they are fair, reasonable and timely in their handling of not only their ring submissions, but in the other rings they belong to. They have also actively recruited new members and demonstrated care for enhancing the overall quality of the WebRing experience. They understand that a diversity of worldview only enriches all of WebRing.

Ultimately, Super-users perform their tasks out of a sense of pride and a desire to create a WebRing experience that will entice any visitor to return.

What do Super-users get for their services?
Super Activity Points! If a Super-user performs tasks admirably, they earn gobs of Activity Points and increased exposure. In other words, they become the Superstars of WebRing.

Do you have what it takes to be a Super-user?
If you have aspirations to earn Super-user status, you need to first get active on WebRing. There are many ways to attract our attention, and Activity Points is the first place we look. Want to learn more? Read the unabridged blog post.

WebRing Supports
YOUR WebRing Newsletter
Each month, we try to provide articles in this newsletter that you will find helpful, interesting or just plain fun. Admittedly, though, the incredible breadth of diversity found here on WebRing makes this a pretty tough task.

Knowing that we could never pretend to be in all WebRing Communities at all times, we have decided to take a fresh approach to creating the newsletter. We invite all of you to join The WebRing Newsletter Team and help put together our future issues. Members can contribute the following:

  • Technical tips on how to optimize your WebRing membership
  • Advice on using WebRing's promotional tools
  • Reports on what's happening in the many WebRing Communities
  • Suggestions on monthly themes, as well as Communities and charities to feature
This is by no means an exhaustive list, and we welcome your ideas on how to improve upon our current newsletter. To learn more, join our editor, Kyle, at our newly created ring: The WebRing Newsletter Team.
WebRing Tech Tip
We actually have 3 Tech Tips for you this time. Here are 2 recent tools we added and 1 due out soon:

Suspend this site!
Are you tired of surfing rings that seem to contain mostly off-topic, inappropriate or dead sites? Then you're going to love the latest tool we added — the "Suspend this site!" link. We might have some worrried Ring Managers out there. Don't worry. Unless you have been absent for a lengthy period of time, you still retain control and can reactivate any site.

The next time you process submissions and manage members, you will find the "Preview." link beside the Site Title. This link opens a new window, so you can view how the site will look in the site preview window. Using this link will also help catch those sites that break out of the preview window.

Text Messaging (Coming Soon!)
You read that right. In the very near future, WebRing will begin to offer text message service. More details soon.

We have more tools in the works for you. We will give you a hint — it is done in the spirit of collaboration.

WebRing Tech Tip
Contest Update — Webster on the Web
Webster the WebRing Bear The September 15, 2008, deadline is quickly approaching for the "Webster on the Web" contest.

The premise is simple: Write a back story for Webster, then craft a Web page using simple HTML for this latest character to join WebRing. The winner will receive the complete WebRing Gear package.

Here’s a chance for all you designers and writers to create Webster’s home on the Web. For details, click here.

You too can have Webster!
Simply redeem your well-earned activity points in our newly launched Rewards Room. Look for the "Redeem" link next to your activity points on your account page. Or, you can click here.

WebRing Tech Tip
Name the Super-user
If you were a Super-user, what title would you prefer? Super-user, Super-helper, WebRing Leader, Gurus, Master Managers...

Ultimately, we want to make sure to give our Super-users a title they are proud to declare. With the overwhelming success of the "Name the Bear" contest, we thought, "Why not hold another contest? " This time, instead of a specific Rewards Room item, we are going to give the winner 1000 Activity Points.

To submit your favorite title for the latest and greatest WebRing membership level, visit our related blog post.

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