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Introducing a cooperative arrangement with TopicCraze
August 31, 2007

Dear WebRing Members and Users,

WebRing is pleased to announce a cooperative venture with a new site...TopicCraze!

Now there are TWO great ways to drive traffic to your site. Joining TopicCraze will give your site more visibility and the cooperation between WebRing and TopicCraze allows for a flow between topics and rings.

TopicCraze is an exciting new directory of topics that lets users submit web sites to be ranked by actual USERS, not a search engine algorithm. Your votes and comments move the sites in TopicCraze up or down the search rankings.

Have you claimed your TopicCraze ID yet?
At WebRing, we've teamed up with TopicCraze to make it simple for you to create an account with them.

Sign in to WebRing.
  1. Click the message above your My Account page tabs that reads "Click here for more details."
  2. Click the "Claim My User ID" button after you read the details.
It's that easy!

Why should you claim your TopicCraze ID?
By claiming your TopicCraze ID now, you ensure that you get to keep the User ID you've grown so fond of on WebRing. If you don't claim your ID now, you may have to create a new one should you decide to join TopicCraze later.

Do you have to claim your TopicCraze ID?
No. This is an "opt-in" offer. This means that if you don't claim your ID, none of your personal information will be copied over. However, you might not get to use your WebRing User ID at TopicCraze should you decide to join TopicCraze later. If you opt-in to claim your TopicCraze ID, we will only copy your User ID, email address, password and birth date.

What are you waiting for?
Click here to claim your TopicCraze ID today, or...
Click here to check out TopicCraze before you decide.

Hope to see you soon on the hottest new site on the web!


Tim Killeen
WebRing Owner and WebRing Community Manager

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