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Women Artists Online (979 hits; 16 member sites)

Welcome to WomenArtistsOnline WebRing, a group of talented female artists with a presence on the web. Many of these women sell their artwork, although some just offer to share it with viewers.

If you are a Woman Artist and would like to be considered for our ring, please apply*. In order to keep our standards high your site will be reviewed before approval.

*Please note:

1) Only FEMALE artists will be approved

2) Only sites which use OUR LOGO (the image with paintbrush) will be approved. If the button is not installed within 1 week, the site will be denied. (I will be happy to provide help with the code if you need help)

The Stage (937 hits; 2 member sites)

Welcome to the place where you can post for the world to share.



Wooden Boat Ring (842 hits; 12 member sites)
A collection of sites dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation and restoration of classic wooden boats.

Knitting Ring (839 hits; 51 member sites)
Open to quality sites devoted to hand knitting, wools and yarns, and related crafts.

PICmicro Sites (823 hits; 89 member sites)
An extensive resource base of PICmicro ewnthusiasts. Members sites are all about the Microchip PIC microcontroller and related projects such as Application Notes and Date Sheets, information on programming and customizing PICmicro Microcontrollers and much much more.


The History Ring (819 hits; 374 member sites)
This ring celebrates History, historical events, figures and fields. This Ring is designed to be seen by all ages. You must have detailed historical information, or links to sites which do, on your website in order to join the Ring. "Commercial" sites are not encouraged, and must have a considerable amount of detailed information on their site to qualify for membership. The address you list on your application MUST be the page where you will place the Ring's HTML code.

Urban Exploration (807 hits; 98 member sites)
Sites focusing on the art of urban exploration: touring storm drains, abandoned buildings, rooftops, transit tunnels, college steam tunnels, old ruins, and other off-limits locations.


Mad Science (790 hits; 10 member sites)
Untitled document

A ring for those devoted to mad science, insane experiments, fringe science, bizarre research, science humor and any fiction dealing with these.

Personal Homepage Ring (783 hits; 599 member sites)
The ring for those with a personal homepage.



Scottish Historical Resources and Heritage Information (777 hits; 17 member sites)
Untitled document

This ring has sites with a Scottish theme focusing on Genealogy or related subjects such as history and heraldry.

Woodworking Ring (761 hits; 119 member sites)
The ring for the professional and hobby woodworker.  We feature woodcarving, woodburning, and other fine art crafting with wood.




Classical Music WebRing (759 hits; 75 member sites)
The Classical Music Ring is an association of sites featuring performers, the history of Classical music, musician biographies, sheet music, luthiers, and almost everything else related to the world of Orchestral and Operatic music. It is the longest established and largest organisation of its type.

Ads (701 hits; 3 member sites)
With most members of the Ads Webring you will be able to post ads for free. Examples are advertisement discussion groups. There are also members that offer significant information to help others post ads.

Tesla Coil (645 hits; 60 member sites)
This WebRing is for Web Sites that have some content about Nikola Tesla or Tesla Coils. Tesla Coils being high voltage air core transformers which send long arcs of high voltage electricity through the air. COILERS UNITE!


Christian Songwriters Web Ring (635 hits; 43 member sites)
Please visit our ring containing sites by original Christian songwriters. You won't find any unoriginal midi collections here. What you will find are fresh new songs from all over the world in several different formats including midi, RealAudio, MP3 and wav. Come sing along with us!

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